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"The journey of life is comprised of experiences, internalized events, decisions, pleasant moments, as well as of difficulties that sometimes we may face on our way. In such cases we must make correct choices, quest for alternative routes, synthesize views, and show patience and persistence, organized effort and positive thinking, so as to transform the negative experiences and proceed forward by finding pathways and formulating trajectories that will meet out desires and will constitute our future way of being. My goal is to present in this site, with a valid scientific way, aspects concerning the science of psychology and provide services that may become useful and fruitful skills for the voyage of life that incorporates the past and the present, looking at the same time towards the future."
- Beratis Ion , Psychologist - Neuropsychologist


  • 1 Psychotherapeutic Interventions
  • 2Counceling
  • 3

    Psychoeducation of caregivers of patients with dementia

  • 4 Cognitive Training Interventions
  • 5 Neuropsychological Assessment
  • 6Online Services


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